• give your clients
    a product they will like
  • streamline your
    business by bringing
    technology into it
  • gain more trust
    by delivering reliable
    results to your
    customers on time


  • focus better on the
    things that matter most
  • more work done with
    less time and budget
  • solid and motivated
    team supporting you
  • reliable solution that
    is fulfilling your
    expectations now and
    in the future

We practice successive product enhancement to develop your software reliably and fast.

Short release cycles

User-oriented development

Proactive teamwork

Regular product-technical feedback processing

Modern cloud-ready technologies

Quality assurance right
from conception

Successive product enhancement
perfectly combines product
vision and technology.

About Us

Our Core Technical Expertise

.NET framework
We build distributed systems,
microservices, cloud solutions,
web and desktop products.

In addition to standard HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, and TypeScript, we use
many other frameworks, and
Angular takes a special place
in our stack.

K8s, Docker
Help us build scalable self
recovering systems run in the cloud,
such as Amazon, Azure, Google,
or your premises.

Our talents

Talented and passionate people are the heart of our company.

We partner with talented Ukrainian developers to build development teams with a good attitude, expertise, and passion.


Ievgen, Hamburg, Germany
Software Development & Management

Hi, I’m Ievgen. After over ten years of
working in IT in Ukraine, the USA,
Europe, I settled in Germany. I like helping
people reach their goals with the help of
technologies. I like keeping things clear
and straightforward.
It brings the best results.


Roman, Lviv, Ukraine
.NET, Angular developer

Hi, I’m Roman. I like technologies,
programming, and everything that
involves solving, not trivial problems.
I enjoy seeing the results of my work
in action, and this motivates me for
further development.

Ready to boost
your product’s

    Let’s talk.

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