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As a Boutique Software Development Company, we recognize that brilliant ideas demand exceptional executions. We boost companies’ success with our expertise and innovative cutting-edge IT solutions. Our adept teams, fueled by a collaborative mindset and streamlined processes, empower organizations to devise and implement bespoke software development strategies.

CQUELLE Software Development

Why Work With Us

CQUELLE team can help! Through our software engineering services, we’ll help your business achieve new levels of growth through a personalized tech stack.



Since our founding, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality software engineering services possible. We only use proven strategies, high-tech solutions, and cutting-edge capabilities to make sure you remain ahead of the competition.



Specializing as a Boutique Software Development Company, we recognize the challenges faced by businesses in tech outsourcing. Our dedication lies in providing transparent services, so you’re never left guessing.



You don’t have to break the bank to receive world-class software engineering services. We’re proof of that! Our experienced and specialized team offers industry-leading services at competitive rates so your small business can grow unimpeded.



We’re in the habit of building lasting relationships with our clients. We want to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Any time you need our help, we’re there!

Business Fields

Efficiency across all business sectors. Reach out to see if we’re the right fit for your project

Empowering education through technology. We craft intuitive digital solutions tailored for learners, educators, and institutions, ensuring dynamic and engaging learning experiences that transcend traditional classroom boundaries. More About Education Technology


Revolutionizing patient care and health management. Our innovative tools streamline processes, enhance diagnostics, and facilitate secure data management, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.


Transforming the financial landscape with cutting-edge solutions. We build secure, robust, and user-friendly platforms that optimize transactions, manage assets, and offer real-time insights, driving business growth and financial stability.


Beyond boundaries and fields. If you have an idea that sparks positive change and betters the world, let’s discuss it. We’re open to collaboration and turning visionary concepts into impactful realities.

Service & Expertise

What We Offer

Tech Background

We’re focused on using cutting-edge technology and proven strategies to provide our customers with the most effective results possible. Our team is composed of highly experienced, engaged, and skilled tech professionals to ensure our services remain top-of-the-line and make our Boutique Software Development Company truly yours. Whenever there’s a specialty we don’t have, we’ll seek out the most talented developers to make it.


.NET framework

Leveraging the .NET Framework, a renowned platform, we efficiently develop powerful, scalable, and secure applications. Its widespread adoption and support bolster our commitment to delivering top-notch, reliable software solutions.



Utilizing React, a standout open-source library, we craft sleek, fast, and modern front-end solutions with ease. Its rich community support is pivotal, ensuring our UIs are both elegant and robustly maintainable.



Angular, a core component of our technical arsenal, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our projects are crisp, intelligible, and meticulously structured. Its robust capabilities and seamless integration make it stand out, even among our esteemed roster of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI & ChatGPT

Our experts harness the transformative power of AI and the ingenuity of ChatGPT. These tools are pivotal for generating insightful interactions, optimizing user engagement, and delivering precise automated responses swiftly and efficiently. 

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About CQUELLE Software Development

About Us

Software engineering isn’t just our work. It’s our passion. We’re energized by complex challenges, and we’ve built a team of highly talented and experienced software engineering professionals. At our Boutique Software Development Company we have a track record of smoothing out insurmountable obstacles on the road to an organization’s success.

Our Team

CQUELLE is a Boutique Software Development Company specializing in product development and software engineering solutions for Finance, Healthcare, and Education sectors. We combine cutting-edge technologies with industry-leading expertise to deliver effective software development services that support our clients in achieving their business goals the most talented developers to make it.

Ievgen - CQUELLE Boutique Software Development Company


Software Development & Management Hamburg, Germany
Ievgen is a leading software developer and manager with over a decade of experience working in IT. His expertise has been in demand by companies across the globe. Before settling in Germany, Ievgen helped dozens of organizations perfect their IT solutions in the USA and across Europe. He’s passionate about helping clients reach their goals with technology while keeping things simple.
Roman - CQUELLE Software Development


.NET & Angular developer Lviv, Ukraine
Roman is a professional software developer with core competencies in .NET & Angular frameworks. He has a knack for solving complex problems through the use of advanced programming and tech solutions. Several successful businesses have Roman’s tech-savviness to thank for their IT success stories. Roman is motivated by seeing the results of his work.
Oleh - CQUELLE Software Development


.NET, Angular & React developer Warsaw, Poland
Oleh is an industry-leading software developer with a specialized focus on .NET, Angular, and React frameworks. As a FullStack developer, he has expertise in both the back and front- end solutions. With the advantage of quality experience, hyper-specialized expertise, and a deep-seated passion, Oleh has all skills for solving complex issues to build whole systems from scratch.
Mark - CQUELLE Software Development


.NET & React developer Kharkiv, Ukraine
Mark is a passionate software developer with solid experience in .NET & React. The idea of building something genuinely new and helpful is what motivates him. Automating nearly everything opens up the unique possibility of making new products. He enjoys completing challenging and complex jobs and seeing clients happy. He is a good team player, constantly learning and developing professionally.
Oleksii - CQUELLE Software Development


.NET & Angular & React developer Kyiv, Ukraine
Oleksii is a seasoned software engineer. He is convinced that technology should be a business catalyst instead of a barrier. With his decent technical background in .NET, Angular, and React, and his passion for building quality and comfortable solutions, he has become a good teammate and a great help to our clients. The development of IT technologies never stops, and neither do we.


Client Relationship Khariv, Ukraine
Hearing and understanding our clients is a crucial part of our success. We’re happy to receive feedback and adjust our processes to improve service and delivery quality. Artem works closely with each party to ensure CQUELLE’s philosophy of making good quality, reliable software is suitable for every client. Clear and constructive communication inside the team is our priority.